What can I mean by "Wallex ecological building system"?
Wallex ecological building system is the only internationally patented construction system that produces its own wall and load-bearing system and can obtain a structure from the walls it produces. Wallex ecological structures are licensed, certified and private.
Wall cladding:

A1 fire class (fire resistant) What does H1 moisture class mean? It does not absorb water and does not allow mould and moisture to form.
It is a 100% natural and recyclable material. The materials used in the building do not contain homogeneous substances that are harmful to human health.

Interior filling materials of walls:

It consists of rock wool, processed felt and special polyester fibres. The heat and sound permeability is close to zero. The insulation value is much higher than the insulation materials used on the market.

Wallex Duvarlar
How does the Wallex company work?
We present you with the project you like and this is redrawn according to the zoning status of the property and your special requests and then goes on for approval. We draw every detail according to your wishes, from the number of rooms to the number of sockets and up to the ceiling height. During the contract, we create a technical specification that includes all materials and brands that will be used in the building. All materials are determined and signed in technical specifications up to serial codes. There are no surprise costs after the start of construction.

Which business items are included in the quoted price?

Foundation and basement - Support systems - Wallex thermal walls - Insulated roof system - Sound and heat insulated mezzanine floor Electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning installation - Flooring (parquet, ceramic) - Doors and windows - Plumbing fixtures and fittings - Interior and exterior painting and coatings - Floor screed - Shower stall and cabinets - Bathroom cabinets - Stairs - Workman's quarters and costs. All from our own production. 

What is the difference between Wallex and other building systems?

Wallex makes its own wall and support system in its own factory and can get structures from the walls it makes.
It is the only patented construction system. Wallex Ecological Buildings; It is licensed, certified and private.

Wallex is by no means a prefabricated system. While no permanent residential licence can be issued for prefabricated houses, the licence for houses built with Wallex is 4B. The support system can be an original heavy steel or concrete carcass. The steels we use are not galvanised sheets used by prefabricated houses. In the houses we have built from steel, we put 10 cm of concrete on the trapezoidal sheet metal in the mezzanine floors. There are no vibrations or shocks when walking on the upper floors. 
Wall panels made of Wallex are fireproof, waterproof, moisture- and mould-free. Its strength value is high. It is as durable as a concrete wall and ten times lighter than a concrete wall. Rock wool and optionally EPS are used as insulation material. The outer wall thickness is 22 cm and the inner wall thickness is 14 cm. Dimensions of the walls; height is at least 3 metres, width is 125 cm. As the walls are made in high dimensions, larger and more spacious areas are created. Wall height depending on the project and its thickness can thus be increased.

Earthquake resistance

Brick walls used in reinforced concrete structures pose a serious threat to human life due to their weight. The weight of a 1 m2 wall is 250 kg on average. They damage human life if they break and disintegrate during an earthquake.
Since in the Wallex building system the walls are made as a whole, there is no possibility of them breaking apart. As long as the building is not torn away from the foundation, the walls will not crumble or collapse. Since the weight of a 1 m2 Wallex wall averages 20 kg.
Even in an earthquake scenario, it will not harm human life.

Structural life

Reinforced concrete buildings start to wear out after an average of 40 years. The average life of prefabricated houses is 35 years. After 35 years, corrosion appears on the galvanised sheet metal. As a result of the tests carried out in the Wallex building system, the life of the Wallex wall system is 80 years if no maintenance is carried out and the average life of the beams is 150 years if the beam system is made of steel.

Construction period

After the licence is issued by the municipality, it is delivered between 120 and 180 workdays, depending on the size of the project.

Wallex buildings are environmentally friendly

The materials used in the building do not contain any homogeneous substance that is harmful to human health.

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